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Why do they think this works????

December 6th, 2007 · 1 Comment

It always amazes me when I receive an email from an entrepreneur who is seeking capital and their introductory email completely sabotages their effort and intention.   The two types of emails I receive that would surely cause a the “DEL” key being hit by an investor go something like this:

1….  I’m sending this to you because it is my dream and I just hope you will please look at this and give me some money.  My mama is sick and if I could be successful at this business I could help her.  Your helping me would be such a blessing……..


2….  This is the best thing ever….just click here and you will see…. www.somewebsite. com If you have an interest email me back and I’ll send you my business plan

No real investor will ever respond to those types of email with a….”wow, you are just the business opportunity I am looking for, where do I send my check?????”

So entrepreneurs seeking capital….respect yourself and respect your business.  Send a well thought out business oriented letter that lays out the high points and when possible provide a link to the business information, not just a web page, instead of an attachment.   Email readers are 10 times more likely to click on a link than to open an attachment.

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  • 1 biozhena // Jun 24, 2008 at 1:43 pm

    Please let me know whether the following is a well thought out business oriented letter that lays out the high points:

    bioZhena Corporation (Ft. Collins, CO, USA) seeks financing with which to manufacture our first batch of the first marketable product, the first milestone towards envisaged market dominance. Our technology is the definitive answer to the basic need of women of all ages – natural and affordable reproductive management. Our personal self-diagnostic device, the core product, will tell the woman in plain English whether today is one of the three days that she can become pregnant. With cervical cancer screening automatically going on in the background; and more. Data shareable with the medical profession via a related line of products.

    The bioZhena venture involves medical electronic device technology that is a blend of life science and electronic, IT concepts and methodologies. To make it possible that every pregnancy is deliberate, and to impact on women’s healthcare and public health in other ways. Much in women’s health and lifestyle revolves around the menstrual cycle.

    For more introductory information, please view the bioZhena blog – http://biozhena.wordpress.com/about . We have a portfolio of 10 patent cases in various stages of prosecution, and a prototype has already been certified by the FDA.


    Vaclav Kirsner, PhD
    Founder, bioZhena Corporation

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