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Where to find Early Stage Capital for your business

May 27th, 2009 · 5 Comments

Karen Rands’ Compassionate Capitalism radio show for entrepreneurs and investors returns to interview a special guest: Tony Erwin of Skyrocket Financial. Tony is an active member of the angel investor community in Atlanta having found fortune from his role in technology IPO and garnered success from sophisticated stock market investments. Now he helps growing companies with additional sources of alternative finance to fuel their growth with debt against assets to augment their efforts in raising business capital. Listen through the link below to learn more about where to find¬†early stage¬†capital and small business investors money for your early stage business. www.skyrocketfinancial.com and www.launchfn.com


During this interview, Tony and Karen discuss what early stage capital lenders and investors in angel groups look for and how to increase your chance of success in obtaining that capital to fulfill a contract or respond to a market opportunity.

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    Good to hear Christen. Look forward to seeing your registration information and scheduling a call. You can get to all the info you need at http://launchfn.com

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