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Entrepreneurs: 2 ways to get money from the government

June 29th, 2010 · No Comments

The Federal Government has been diligently trying to provide programs that will help small business owners get back on their feet while at the same time helping the regular folks get back to work and get access to better healthcare.   General consensus is that politicians that have little to no experience as business owners themselves often can’t relate to the real challenges a small business owner and an entrepreneur trying to get started in business face.  Sometimes it seems that politicians are looking through rose colored glasses and have no idea how the real world works.  Capitalism and free markets have served the United States of America well and made us, and I dare say, will continue to make us a power house.   It is our collective spirit as Americans to embrace the unknown, take risks, innovate, solve problems, and be pioneers in all manner of ways that differentiates us from the rest of the world.   Hopefully, and I say that prayerfully, the financial reform bill, healthcare reform bill, back to work bill, economic recovery act and every other initiative that has been put out by Capital Hill in the last 18 months will help America’s innovative, entrepreneurial spirit not just survive but thrive.

Two good things for business owners have come from recent actions on Capital Hill:

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) better known as the Healthcare Reform Act: Small Business Owners with the number of employees between 50 and 100 well receive credits against their insurance costs and employers with less than 25 employees are eligible for their employees to participate in national insurance pool, effectively evening the playing field for small business owners using benefits as incentives to attract better employees, but also making it easier for business owners to manage the cost of offering such benefits.

Additionally, in an effort  to make our country stronger by making it easier for Americans to be healthier and thus avoid the need for extensive health care, wellness initiatives are an integral part of the ACT.  Specifically the Act offers grants to small business to start wellness programs that include health education, preventative screening, risk assessments and encouragement to participate in programs the promote healthy lifestyles.   $200M has been appropriated for these grants through 2015.

Interview with Human Resource and Health & Wellness expert, James M. Bock (Jim) on the topic of The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA)

For more information on the programs for small business owners to benefit from the healthcare reform act please visit:  http://AmericanWellnessAdvisors.com

Hiring Incentives to Restore Employment (HIRE) Act: As a general business credit to encourage the creation of new jobs in the marketplace and the retention of workers, this government incentives offers a “tax holiday” on the employer’s payment of social security tax for new hires of 6.2% and a tax credit of $1000 if that employee is retained for 52 weeks.   The bill goes along way to encourage small business owners that may have eliminated jobs and laid off workers as part of the economic downturn in 2009 to look optimistically into 2010 and begin to expand again by bringing workers back and creating new jobs.

Interview Podcast with Human Resource Executive, Katie Kato, discussing the Federal HIRE Act:

For more information regarding small business owner opportunities for tax breaks and grants, and all things HR, visit http://www.thehumanresourcesfactor.com/

Get Replays of past podcasts from the Compassionate Capitalist Radio show where entrepreneurs and investors tune in to hear the latest on growth strategies for bringing innovation to the market, creating jobs and creating wealth.  http://bit.ly/KYRItunes

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