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The Most Important and the Most Neglected Part of Pitching to Investors

September 6th, 2011 · No Comments

Start up and early stage entrepreneurs spend a good deal of time, intelligence, energy, even money trying to develop the perfect investor pitch.  That “perfect” 10 minute pitch that will razzle, dazzle and woo those investors to part with their hard earned money and  give it to that entrepreneur.  They hope the entrepreneur will wisely spend their capital infusion on building their company into a great BIG company that makes lots of money for the entrepreneur and produces a HUGE return  on investment for the investor.

What most entrepreneurs fail to realize though is that the 10 or 20 minute investor pitch isn’t the thing that gets investors to the next meeting….  Sure it helps, but actually an initial decision to even listen for those next 9 minutes is made in the first 90 seconds.   If the entrepreneur loses the interest of the investor in the first 90 seconds, it will be difficult to regain that interest of the investor to listen to the rest of the pitch.  The next 9 minutes or so are critical to get “below the line” into the subconscious feelings of the investor.  It is the subconscious mind that will ultimately dictate whether that investor decides to invest or not.   But if you can’t use that 9 minutes to start penetrating that subconscious mind, then your potential to move that investor to a buying decision in the next meeting are almost nil.

Likewise, the way an entrepreneur uses their elevator pitch during networking makes the different of a lukewarm to cool response from that potential investor or gateway to capital upon the initial introductions to a hot response that leads to an immediate sitdown or an actual meeting scheduled within days of that encounter.

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