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Can the Boardroom and the Bedroom mix? Marriage in Life & Business – How to make it work

March 10th, 2013 · 1 Comment

A lot has been written about forming good management teams to grow a business so that it can thrive and provide a legacy to the community and to the founders’ families.   Some entrepreneurs find that they get married, start a business, or one has started a business and marries someone in the business, or as the business grew, the spouse joined the business.  However it happened, they may wake up one day and find that there is a conflict.  There is a disconnect in the business relationship or in the marriage, or it is hard to tell which, but the conflict is impacting both.

If it was simply a dispute or difference in opinion on process or strategy in the business, usually it can be worked out through discussion, and  the conflict and resolution are left at the office.   But, when that same partner comes home with you, sits at the dinner table with you, and joins you in bed later, sometimes it is difficult to leave that conflict and resolution at the office….and visa versa.

Karen Rands recently covered this topic during the Compassionate Capitalist Radio show, with her interview with Sylvia Lafair, founder of Creative Energy Options (CEO).   An expert in this area, Sylvia  and Karen explored the unique dynamics when you have a spouse as a partner.

The challenges a husband and wife business team  face over time as their marriage dynamics change and their business evolves are unique.  Communication is key.  Understanding each others strengths and weaknesses and how those change as the roles within a marriage and a work environment change are critical.  Married couples have invested not only into their own lives, often times their children’s lives but also into a business that is their livelihood and so there is more to lose when one is failing and has a potential to impact the other.
Listen to learn more about the tips for managing to this unique dynamic:


For more information about our speaker:  Sylvia Lafair, founder of Creative Energy Options (CEO).  Visit her website at:  www.sylvialafair.com

Also take a moment to take her quiz: Pattern Aware to understand your hot buttons and how you manage conflict:


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