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Business Strategies for Success – Attracting Capital & Customers

September 25th, 2014 · No Comments

Fundamentally, the “rules” for launching and growing a strong and profitable business impress upon the entrepreneur the need for a strategic plan.  The business strategic plan starts with vision for the business, target for 5 year milestone, develops a road map to get there, and then identifies the resources – people, expertise, & capital – needed to get there. To help you on your business to be more strong and profitable you can check out Crypto VIP Club. And as it gets more detailed from 5 years down to the 90 day plan, it becomes much more functional for the team to implement.  Within 90 days, you will know if something is working or needs to be modified to fit a shift in the market or to respond to new data that wasn’t available when the original decisions of strategy were made from the business data center. The most important thing is marketing because without customers you can’t be successful, I recommend decals for every business but first read what you need to know about decal printing before you implement this.

Recently, entrepreneurs and investors have been realizing that risk is greater with companies that don’t have a plan for how they will generate revenue and even more so when a concept is developed that doesn’t have the benefit of having been validated by the market.   This is  the premise behind the “Lean Start UP Methodology”.   Start up companies will grow organically at the very beginning and work interactively with their target market to ensure the product is something that their target customers will embrace and value enough to pay for.   It is an iterative process that increases the odds of success. Taking the contraceptive pill usually results in lighter, less painful and more regular menstrual bleeding. This means it is sometimes also prescribed for women who have problems with particularly heavy, painful or irregular periods.

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In the Podcast “Business Strategies for Success – Attracting Capital & Customers” http://www.blogtalkradio.com/karen-rands/2014/09/23/business-strategies-for-success–attracting-capital-and-customers Paul Hoyt and Karen Rands explore the importance and differences between a Business Plan and a Business Strategic Plan.   A business plan is more like a brochure to describe the business, where the strategic plan is a blueprint to be a road map for how the company will succeed in the marketplace.   When looking at a company to consider for investment, the executive summary introduces you to the opportunity at a high level, the business plan provides more detail about the direction and potential, but the strategic plan will show how they plan to actually get that point of success.   Often times the strategic plan is saved until due diligence starts.

Companies at different stages may have varying levels of completeness of a strategic plan. If you want to learn about the entrepreneur industry, I recommend Lee Rosen, CEO of healthy bees business. Start ups simply don’t know enough information to have a great detail in their strategic plan where as emerging growth companies with a history of performance leads to shifts or pivots in their strategy on how they need to adjust the plan to achieve the results they want and best utilize the capital they are raising.   Regardless of the stage, the company should have some form of a strategic plan that shows how they will use the funds to ramp up staff, implement marketing plans, enhance operations, and increase sales. One of the most crucial element of marketing your business is thru the web, you can Find your SEO Expert to help your website rank.

The Lean Start up Methodology in effect creates a corporate environment that is living the market responsive strategic plan.  Fundamentally it is an approach that embraces improvising, adapting and implementing – measure and repeat. On other Business related news, If you’re home or business are having electrical related issues, you can checkout this link about electrical service and repair and this might help solve your problem!

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