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Podcast Series Exploring Napolean Hill’s Philosophy – Think & Grow Rich

September 2nd, 2015 · No Comments

There will be multiple podcasts produced dedicated to the application of the  key concepts behind the powerful and timeless Think & Grow Rich by Napolean Hill.  Each segment of the Compassionate Capitalist show series “Think & Grow Richer – Application for Today’s Entrepreneur” will feature a special guest who is a leading expert in their field and is well versed in the application of that topic.   Each topic is highlighted in this blog post as they recorded and releasesd.  They are the foundation for the creation of wealth, increased power, and success achievement first presented by Napolean Hill in 1937.  Although the original ideas were seen as progressive, even revolutionary, they were borne out of a proven approach to the pursuit of goals and dreams; and the achievement of excellence.  The proven results were demonstrated in the fortunes and legacies created by the likes of the Rockefellers, Vanderbilts, and Getty’s.  The concepts set forth in the original manifest over 75 years ago are reborn in modern variations such as The Secret, The Millionaire Mindset, Power of Positive Thinking, and countless others.  By subscribing on the Contact Us page or via RSS feed you will know when each segment is available for listening.   You can also find them on BeyondPod for the Android and iTunes for the iPhone, search on Compassionate Capitalist.

To schedule a free consultation with Karen, please complete this form:  http://launchfn.com/consultation.html

Episode 1:  Think & Grow Richer:  Timeless Philosophy but is it Relevant for Today’s Market? (click for full replay)

This first episode features special guest Ples Bruce.   Ples is a serial entrepreneur who has applied the power of Think and Grow Rich as he navigates through his many successful businesses and other opportunities, and helping entrepreneurs do the same.  Karen and Ples will look at the history behind Think & Grow Rich and offer an overview of the concepts and teachings of this timeless blueprint for success.   Listen to the replay:

Highlights of the show:

1 Visioneering your Desired Outcome, backed up with actionable plans, & team to execute leads to success.

2 Power in numbers – and minds working in unison to accomplish goals and dreams – in earnest.

3. Goals tied to desires become more powerful to be executed.

4. If you think you can you can.  Self-confidence can be created and success can be sustained if you pursue confidence and instilling the belie

To reach Ples, visit http://plesbruce.com

Episode 2:  Think & Grow Richer: Ideas are Things – Power of the Mind (click for full replay)

This second episode walks the listener through how visualizing and believing connected with recognizing opportunities and problem solving will lead to the desired result.   Karen’s special guest on this Compassionate Capitalist Radio segment is Bob Johnson, founder of ClubE and visionary behind the entrepreneurial center in College Park, GA. Bob and his team is the moving force behind the development of the Entrepreneur Hall of Fame and the Communiversity that will transform Southern Atlanta.  Missioned with cultivating new entrepreneurs, attracting established companies and developing a vast undeveloped area in College Park in order to bring economic growth and 1500 jobs to the area.  It is only through the power of belief in his vision that Bob has accomplished the amazing thing he had in just a few short years.

Entrepreneurs characteristically have strong visions about their future and their business.  Understanding how a focus of thoughts toward that vision is a fundamental premise of Think & Grow Rich.   This episode of the Compassionate Capitalist, and the 2nd of the Think & Grow Rich series for entrepreneurs will focus on how visualizing and believing connected with recognizing opportunities and problem solving will lead to the desired result.

Show Link to listen live or the replay: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/karen-rands/2014/10/07/think-grow-richer-ideas-are-things-power-of-the-mind

To learn more about Bob, please visit:  http://clubeatlanta.com/about-us/management-bios/

Key Points from the show:

  1. Establish a specific intent to achieve something – whether financially based or project/outcome based
  2. Believe deeply so that you will continue to pursue past the obstacles
  3. Create an aching desire to reach the result, the goal the vision— the passion for the pursuit
  4. Remind yourself daily what your goals and vision for the outcome are so that those thoughts stay forefront
  5. Take action, because without action, the doors can’t be opened, progress toward the goal can’t be made, and obstacles can’t be overcome
  6. Work with the willing because you become stronger and more likely to succeed when you have a team that is like minded in the pursuit
  7. Don’t Quit!  If you have the idea to give up, it is only because you have lost site of the goal, the vision, and need reminding of why you want that outcome

Every entrepreneur is faced with obstacles that seem unsurmountable.  But if you know and believe in your purpose and feel passionate about  your vision, the doors will open.  You will find the answers.  You don’t know those opportunities will come your way to help you solve the problem yo are facing, you just have to stay in motion so you can reach the door and walk through it.  Every great innovation – Edison’s lightbulb; Mendel’s discovery of the concept of DNA,;Henry Ford and the Model T; the Wright Brothers and aviation; Helen Keller as a maverick to thrive even with her limitations; Bill Gates for Windows Everywhere Steve Jobs to develop the perfect mobile device; Zuckerberg’s Facebook;  all had reasons to quit, but we know them and have been touched by what they accomplished in their lives because they believed and never quit.

Bob had an opportunity to replicate a co-working place he had established in Pheonix.  He was not satisfied to repeat.  He wanted to transform.   His vision is to transform the sleepy little town of College Park in to an entrepreneurial epicenter for Georgia and become a blue print of how every town can create generational economic growth through development of human capital and the delivery of innovation.  Innovation comes from the ideas of entrepreneurs.  To create and attract entrepreneurs,  there has to be a framework to educate  our youth to think like aspiring entrepreneurs,  a means to provide the skills and resources to existing entrepreneurs to excel, and  leading to the creation of industries that offer careers, not just jobs.  All of this tied up in a environment to cooperation and collaboration so that those that succeed, will return to help others with their time, expertise and money.  ClubE Atlanta is the tip of the iceberg that includes development of 300 acres behind Main Street, across from the International Convention Center on Camp Creek Pkwy.  The master plan will generate 3600 careers in under 10 years, but further attract other companies to the area so the ripple effect of economic growth is profound for the Atlanta Aero-tropolis region.

YES Society =  Educating youth, our leaders of tomorrow to believe in YES to their potential and don’t accept NO

Definition of an Entrepreneur – a person that has ideas that they passionately pursue that ultimately becomes an opportunity to impact and grow the economy.

Episode 3:  Think & Grow Richer: Desire as a foundation for setting Goals (click for full replay)

Every entrepreneur knows they are supposed to set goals — long term goals, mid term goals, and short goals.   Often times they wonder why their goals seem to be just words on the paper seem to materialize and just get rewritten year after year.  According to the success principals of Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill, goals must be integrated with desire in order to manifest themselves.  In this segment of the Compassionate Capitalist Show – Think & Grow Richer: Desire as a foundation for setting Goals  we will explore the fine art of backing your goals and dreams up with desire.  Desire for the outcome produces organized thought.  And Organized thought leads to actionable plans.  The emotion of desire will keep even the most distracted entrepreneur on track for their goals.

Karen Rands will have Paul Hoyt as her special guest to discuss integrating desire in to one’s goals to achieve a measurable outcome. Paul has spent decades working with the CEOs of both large expanding companies and early stage and start up companies in crafting strategic plans and actionable plans to achieve stated goals.

Key points:

Desire is emotion but in a positive way because in the original use by Napolean Hill it was a positive emotion.  In today’s world desire can be interpreted as something other than pure positive.  Desire for success becomes the burning passion for the outcome.

Putting a time line in place, a date to achieve the goal is good but without the passion and commitment it is just words on a paper.  It is by creating the vision of the goal that aligns with your true being that it can become congruent.  By being very clear on the WHAT,  then we have can put the HOW on that to focus our attention to achieve those goals.   The old saying Seeing is Believing, but rather Believing is Seeing, because by Believing you can achieve your goals and the vision that is congruent with your being and life purpose, the WHAT becomes very clear.

Focus and attention, setting everything else to the side to achieve the goal that you are set out to achieve.   When the goal is tied to desire then is easier to stay focused and on task.  If you find yourself repeatedly distracted from your goal and the tasks to achieve those goals, then you must refocus on the goal and the desire for that goal.  Napoleon Hill had 6 steps to identifying the goal and attaching a desire to that goal that would then give you the power to stay focused and to on point to do the ONE thing each day that will make all the other actions and steps toward that goal easier.

  1. Fix in your mind the exact outcome – wealth, accomplishment, or recognition you desire.
  2. What will you ‘give’ in return – effort, investment, or sacrifice
  3. What is the definite date to achieve the goal and possess that outcome
  4. Create a definite plan for carrying out that desire and begin at once
  5. Write out a clear, concise statement of the outcome, the time limit, the sacrifice, and the plan to achieve it.
  6. Read your written statement aloud every day – at the start and end of your day. As you read, see it and believe it…visualize yourself as in that moment when you have achieved the goal.

Saying YES to a goal that is aligned with your vision and your passion means saying NO to other things.   Of course that doesn’t mean saying NO to Family when saying YES to business, but in identifying the key areas of your life for balance and your goals for each area.   Saying YES to Business may mean not being able to volunteer your time to something or give away services and products because you feel sorry for the asker, it means saying NO to the things that will take away from your Time in the business and your profit of your business.  Likewise, saying YES to your family and spouse to have a healthy home life may mean saying NO to some hobbies or habits that take you away from that focus. But always keep in mind to take good care of your health in order for you to work productively. In my case, I regularly take cissus quadrangularis on Amazon

If you find yourself getting distracted, repeatedly, then it is likely that you have lost sight of your goal and your passion and desire for the outcome has subsided.  You may have become impatient with the progress.  Or the distractions have combined to muddy your vision.   You can bring that desire back simply by pulling out your written statement and reading it again and every time you need to refocus your energy.

To get more information from Paul Hoyt and subscribe to his free webinars on all aspects of growing a profitable company visit:  http://paulhoyt.com

Episode 4:   Think & Grow Richer: Faith gives power to Thought and Confidence (click for full show replay)

In this episode of Compassionate Capitalist Radio Show, Think & Grow Richer – Faith gives power to Thought and Confidence podcast, Karen Rands and her guest Faith Reagan explored the topic of Faith—how to get it and use it to overcome self-destructive thought patterns and paradigms that derail us as we strive to reach our goals and achieve the success of our dreams.   Napoleon Hill in his epic book, Think & Grow Rich, describes Step 2 in the journey to achieve success, wealth and personal greatness as Faith.  “Directed Faith makes every thought crackle with Power.  You can rise to limitless heights, impelled by the lifting force of your mighty new self-confidence.”

Faith Reagan is a certified life coach focused on results.  She draws upon a vast past vocational experience from time served in the military to operations with engineering firms, law firms and multiple small businesses and as an entrepreneur herself.  Her personal journey of discovery and redemption took her through the difficult task of rising above the self doubt, depression, and worthlessness brought on by being subject of emotional and physical abuse to the relationship and professional success she enjoys today.  Her mission as a Certified Life Coach  is to help men and women who strive to set and achieve their personal, financial and business goals release those things that hold them back, steal their confidence, and inhibit their ability to move forward. Faith helps them gain Faith that they can achieve their goals.   Sometimes a person may not believe they are worthy of the success they are trying to achieve.  They focus on the negatives in their lives rather than the positive.  It is in the repetition of that negative story replayed in their self-talk of failure or “bad luck” that leads them to repeat and fail to achieve their desired goals.   Similarly, Napoleon Hill determined over 75 years ago by examining the lives of the incredibly successful people of his time, Faith is a state of mind that can be induced or created simply by affirmation.  Every person has the power within themselves to change that if they take the 5 simple steps discussed in this segment.

Highlights from the show and the 5 steps toward Self Confidence:

  1. One must KNOW they have the ability to achieve, and therefore DEMAND persistent continuous action.
  2. Recognize that the thoughts in our mind control our beliefs. Therefore to BELIEVE you can succeed, one must concentrate on the visualization of the image of what you want to become, the life you want to lead – concentrated focus every day.
  3. Autosuggestion is the most direct and effective way to replace negative self-doubts and limiting thoughts with confidence building thoughts. Repetition of the statements that AFFIRM the goals and steps one intends to take to those goals are the best way to ‘rewire’ ones brain.  When it is the ever present thoughts, then the physical pattern will be to enable those thoughts.
  4. The striver acknowledges that the definite chief aim must be written down, and COMMIT to pursue self-confidence sufficient to achieve that goal.
  5. No outcome of Wealth or Position will endure if built upon falsehood. One most fully commit to obtaining the confidence necessary to OWN the success and believe they are WORTHY of that success.  Without building the foundation for success, they will struggle to achieve their chief aim, faced with repeated failure that serves to reinforce the false hood of their self doubt, creating a cycle of undeserved failure.  OR they will achieve their success because of fortunate opportunities, but subconsciously derail their success because they do not believe they are deserving.    By building up the BELIEF one deserves the success one strives for, others will be attracted to that and will help with the attainment of that goal.   It is with FAITH that one embarks upon the journey to attain the self-confidence necessary to achieve success.

 The Law of Autosuggestion:

If you think you are beaten, you are.
If you think you dare not, you don’t .
If you like to win, but you think you can’t.
It is almost certain you won’t.

If you think you’ll lose, you’re lost,
For out of the world we find
Success begins with a fellow’s will—
It’s all in the state of mind.

If you think you are outclassed, you are,
You’ve got to think high to rise,
You’ve got to be sure of yourself before
You can ever win a prize.

 Life’s battles don’t always go
To the stronger or faster man,
But soon or late the man who wins
Is the man (or woman) WHO THINKS HE CAN!

To learn more and connect with Faith Reagan, please visit http://justfaithcoaching.com/hello-world/

Episode 5: Think & Grow Richer: Master Your Destiny

This episode of the Compassionate Capitalist’s Think & Grow Rich series will focus on AutoSuggestion, see yourself where you will be, and you can achieve it. Napolean Hill put Autosuggestion as the 3rd step toward riches.   Autosuggestion is touched on in the initial discussion of Thoughts and Ideas as the potential to manifest themselves in your results and in Step 2 – Faith.  In this segment we will explore the concept in greater detail.

The idea that man is the master of his destiny is accepted by most, but why or how can man be master of his destiny?  It is in the power of the mind.   What one believes he might achieve or not achieve, becomes the reality.  From the time we were little, we were told about Thomas the Train — I think I can, I think I can….and Thomas does climb that hill.  Somewhere along the way, many of us lose sight of that simple premise.   The intent of this segment is to reignite the belief that you can achieve anything you want if you are willing to train your subconscious mind to believe that you can.

During this episode, Karen give very specific examples of how great leaders and innovators have changed everything about our world because of how they disciplined their mind.   She uses relevant examples from our daily lives of how we can let our fertile minds get cluttered with thoughts and doubts that limit our beliefs and thereby limiting our actions, furthering perpetuating our inner voice that we cannot achieve the results we strive for.   She looks at the scientific research that is being done relative to the relationship between mind and body.   She concludes the program with the very specific steps you must take to undo the non-producting and detrimental thoughts that hold you back and replace them with the inspiring, action oriented and belief rooted thoughts that will lead to achieving your dreams.

NOTE: The song that introduces the opening and closing of the episode is a poor sound quality, but the words have great meaning….. Principles of the Game… and this is the game of life.

To learn more about how LAUNCHfn uses these principles to teach entrepreneurs how to raise seed capital to start their business, please complete this form and sign up for a free consultation.  http://launchfn.com/consultation.html.

Episode  6:  Think & Grow Richer: Specialized Knowledge – When you know what you don’t know

Subject:  Building Teams that work together very well toward a common goal

Guest:  Dr. Jeffrey Magee., Speaker, Author Adviser
Compassionate Capitalist Radio Show continues in this success series focused on the original tenants set forth by Napolean Hill in Think & Grow Rich. We will focus on the need for Specialized Knowledge to achieve your goals and make your vision a reality.  An entrepreneur may be inspired and have a vision of the future – success from delivering to the marketplace something that is needed.  One of the steps outlined by Napoleon Hill was to gather Specialized Knowledge to accomplish your objective.

A key point made by Napoleon Hill in this STEP 4 relates to general knowledge vs specialized knowledge.  To quote his text from “Think & Grow Rich”;

“General knowledge, no matter how great in quantity or variety it may be, is of but little use in the accumulation of money.  The faculties of the great universities possess, in the aggregate, practically every form of general knowledge know to civilization.  Most of the professors have but little money.  They specialize on the teaching of knowledge, but they do not specialize in the organization or the use of knowledge.”

Dr. Jeffrey Magee joined, Karen Rands, as the special guest to discuss discovery of what knowledge is needed, how to acquire it by building teams that work together toward a common goal and becoming the leader that can lead high performance teams. Dr. Magee has been called one of today’s leading “Leadership & Marketing Strategists.” Jeff is the Author of more than 20 books, two college text books, four best sellers, and is the Publisher of PERFORMANCE /P360 Magazine  (www.ProfessionalPerformanceMagazine.com), former Co-Host of the national business entrepreneur program on Catalyst Business Radio (http://www.catalystbusinessradio.com/index.php), and Human Capital Developer for more than twenty years.  www.JeffreyMagee.com. He will share insights and his experience in guiding companies of all sizes on how to build winning teams and a leadership culture.

Key points from the show as it relates to the context of Think & Grow Rich:

  • identifying the skills you need:

Ladder Metaphor:   Ladder represents anything you want to accomplish in life, personal professional.  Define your ladder as your goal, it becomes the reference point…. Put your name in the bottom rung because you don’t need help to be better than anyone to be on the bottom rung, then you put the name on next rung that is necessary to give you a hand up to the next rung. Then when you get to the top, you are the best and top of your game and have a team supporting you.

Important to be humble enough to when to shut up when you don’t know, have enough humility to apologize when you mess up, and own it and learn from it so you can move to the next level forward.

  • attracting the best people to be on a team:

Starts with a clear definition of the job and the skills requirements, cast the vision that is attractive to the right person that will be congruent with the corporate culture.  Use the Player capability index…. Partnerships, work experience, testimonials, general and specialized knowledge gained. Quantify where their greatness comes from.  Important to have enough specialized knowledge to know what advanced knowledge is needed in each functional area of their business in order to execute on the strategic plan to make the vision a reality.

  • how to be the leader that keeps those people performing at their optimal:

If you need excuses rather than ownership of an issue or a problem then you are not a leader.
If you need to lay blame rather than assume responsibility, then you might not be a leader people will follow.

Click Here to Register to receive two documents: 03. Player Capability Index Article   &   04. Trajectory Code Article – Jeffrey

The leadership academy of excellence offered by Jeffrey Magee deals directly on this topic with monthly meetings and online education and tools.  Visit http://jeffmagee.com for more information.

Listen to the full broadcast:   Think & Grow Richer: Specialized Knowledge – When you know what you don’t know

Episode 7:  Think & Grow Richer:  Imagination – Ideas become fortunes  Click here for replay

Subject:  Stimulate your imagination leads to Definite Purpose, Definite plan –  Imagine the Possibilities

Guest:  Jim Debetta – Inventor adviser

This segment of the Compassionate Capitalist radio show for this education series for entrepreneurs focuses on Step 5: Toward Riches: Imagination with the podcast: Think & Grow Richer:  Imagination – Ideas become Fortunes.  Napoleon Hill discovered in his study of the most successful men of his day – man can create anything he imagines.  He found then and it is still true today, man has discovered and harnessed more of nature’s forces during the past fifty years than during the entire history of the human race prior to that time.

  • Man has conquered air so that birds are a poor match to the modern plane.
  • Man had defied gravity to fly to the moon – and back, and now populate space with stations that can support life, again and again.
  • Man has harnessed the forces of nature – wind, sun, water – to produce power sufficient to run our modern lives.
  • Man has broken the most complex of chemical coding to be able to define the elements of our human DNA genome to identify markers for various physical characteristics, diseases, and even identify our common ancestry.

At one point someone had an idea – a question that began with a “what if” and either by their own device answered the question or by harnessing the intellect and knowledge of others answered that question.   In this episode, host Karen Rands explores this topic with Jim Debetta, known nationally as a trusted coach and mentor to thousands of inventors and entrepreneurs.  Jim knows how to take new ideas from a sketch on a napkin to selling the final product to major retailers worldwide. He did this for himself generating over $20M in sales, and then for Kevin Harrington, bringing his funded projects to market.  Jim has worked with hundreds of inventors and has seen first hand the power of harnessed imagination.   To learn more about Jim, and gain access to his “Essential Steps to Inventing” worksheet, visit http://jimdebetta.com

Highlights of Jim & Karen’s conversation are:

  • Synthetic Imagination- the art of having an idea that takes existing technology, science, invention and repurposes it or enhances it to do more. In essence, the building of a better mousetrap.  This is also how medical advancements often occur.  We see this with big companies that bring out a “new & improved” product that is slightly better than the last generation or a competitor’s product.
  • Creative Imagination – the hidden spark of inspiration or a “hunch” to try something new to answer the “what if” question when trying to develop a new solution to a problem or a new product that hasn’t been done before.

The old model of doing a drawing to illustrate or publishing a scientific journal to promote a theory doesn’t fly in our advanced society any more.  More and more, from inventors to companies are putting into the market samples of products or beta working models to test the market response before going into full production.  They fine tune the product that they first envisioned with their creative imagination by using rapid prototyping methods, 3d printing, the internet to garner “beta testers” and focus groups. If you are looking for digital printing and promotional products NYC, visit superior-resource.com for more information. Entrepreneurs if they exercise their imaginations and exercise their ‘idea muscle” can use the Synthetic Imagination to assess why a product isn’t selling like it should rather than pouring more money into advertising and marketing for a product that simply isn’t what the marketplace wants.

Listen to the full half hour episode or download it to your playlist. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/karen-rands/2014/11/11/think-grow-rich-imagination-ideas-become-fortunes

Episode 8: Think & Grow Richer: Organized Planning – laying the foundation for success (click here to hear podcast)

Subject:  Business planning and leadership

Guest:  Burke Hedges – Jian Software – planning tools

Step 6-  in Napolean Hill’s epic Think & Grow Rich (v 1937) – focused on Organized Planning…creating the road map to your dreams.  You will not succeed in your endeavor to increase your wealth and mark your place in the world as a successful business man or women if you don’t BELIEVE you can achieve that goal, nor if you don’t create a ROAD MAP to get to your destination.   In this segment on the Compassionate Capitalist radio show, Karen Rands is joined by Burke Franklin. Burke Franklin invented business planning software in 1988 with the introduction of his best-selling BizPlanBuilder® business plan software template.  He later re-engineered that software tool kit to be full suite of cloud based tools for entrepreneurs to use to not only plan before launching a business, but also to manage the growth of the business and implement tools to effectively ensure a well run and managed business.  He is the creator of JIAN (jee’on — a zen word meaning “the master of every art”), the company behind an entire suite of successful business productivity software apps & templates for launching, building and succeeding in business.

In this 30 minute segment of the Compassionate Capitalist show, Karen and Burke  talk about the differences in planning your day, your strategy, your access to capital, and the growth of your business…all with the specific intent of taking the necessary steps forward to not only put you on the path to success, but ensure you reach your destination.  Too often, entrepreneurs think they have a plan…but it is in their head.  Or they get started with a traditional plan, and never use it again until they need to get money from a business banking batesville in.   In this segment you will learn why you need Organized Planning to – THINK and GROW RICH.

Master Mind teams are critical to the success of a company.  They may be your advisors or team mates, but they are vested in the success of the company.  They need to be involved in the building of plans and strategies.  Creating a collaborative environment and using tools to be efficient in that effort is critical so a company can move from planning to implementation with actionable elements.   Developing a plan that not only the entrepreneur believes in but also has the ‘buy in” from key constituency is critical to being able to build momentum in the operation of a business but also in momentum in raising capital because your team can also explain and promote the vision of the business.

Often one hears that investors don’t want to read a business plan to see about investing in a company.  True to a degree.  They may not want to read it, but they want you to be able to explain it and you can’t stay on point and know you have appropriate contingency plans without having first really flushed out the plan.

A mistake in the Plan requires an eraser – A mistake in the field requires a check book.

Every successful business has 3 plans:

  1. Operational Plan – used as your road map for your team to execute on the plan for the managed growth of the business
  2. Business Plan – used to explain the opportunity to capital community and gain emotional buy in from team and stake holders
  3. Vision Plan – the private plan that an entrepreneur and his core team uses to realize the potential as a company expands and extends into other markets and segments

To Learn More about JIAN and the amazing business planning and organization tools developed for entrepreneurs click here

Episode 9:  Think & Grow Richer: Why Leaders Fail 

Subject:  Deadly Habits Entrepreneurs fall Victim too that cause them to fail in their business.

The Compassionate Capitalist Show, hosted by Karen Rands, digresses from the regular outline of each of the chapters in Napolean Hill’s historic best selling original novel Think & Grow Rich to focus on Leadership. Within his chapter on Step 6 Toward Riches: Organized Planning, Hill focuses a great deal on Leadership. He spends time discussing the Origin of Leadership, the Eleven Secrets of Leadership, and what causes a Leader to fail.

Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur or an active investor mentoring entrepreneurs, understanding and mastering leadership within a growing organization is critical to the success of the company long term. A dysfunctional leader in a company, depending on their shortfall, can lead to a corporate culture of inefficiency, fear, and/or selfishness that will directly impacts the company’s ability to create maximum profit and sustained growth. Without profit and sustained growth, the company becomes an under performing company and does not realize its true potential in the market leading to less than ideal outcomes for an exit and return on investment.

In this 30 min broadcast, Karen explains the concept of Compassionate Capitalists in greater detail and the impact of realizing how the bad habits that cause leaders to fail personally impacted her in her re-launch of Kugarand Capital Holdings and the purpose of creating multiple segments revolved around Napolean Hill’s timeless success “bible” Think & Grow Rich.  She explores the topic of Leadership drawing from Napolean Hill’s writings and her own industry experience from working with hundreds of CEOs over the years.

Multiple types of leaderships….some are good and some are dysfunctional.   Authoritative Leadership is needed within an organization from military to fortune 500 to start ups—must know who the boss is, but can’t lead with only positional authority.  To create a corporate climate that works together for common goals, a leader must also have transformational leadership – ability to influence those around them to commit and follow the direction set by the leader:

  1. unwavering courage – self-confidence and belief in self and purpose
  2. self-control – if you can’t control yourself (in anger, indulgences and ego) then you can’t control others
  3.  sense of justice – taking responsibility when you have made an error or mistake
  4. definiteness of decision –  must be able to make informed decisions quickly and stick with it
  5. definiteness of plans – followers look to the leader to set the bar – to have plans and work their plans
  6. do more – going over and beyond the call of duty for the benefit of the organization
  7. pleasing personality – followers will respect people that treat them with respect
  8. sympathy & understanding – we are all human, we all have shortcomings, it is critical for a leader to be aware of those around them as people.
  9. mastery of detail – devil in the details – can’t just jump without knowing how far it is to the other side.
  10. willingness to assume full responsibility – beyond responsibility for own mistakes, take responsibility for those mistakes made by your followers too
  11. cooperation – common goal will disintegrate if the team does not share the vision and be willing to work toward that common initiative

To learn more about Kugarand Capital Holdings and how it works to bridge the capital abyss for growing companies and sophisticated accredited investors, go here. 

To arrange an initial consultation with Karen Rands about your business or talk about learn about investing in private companies, visit http://launchfn.com/contact.html 

Episode 10:  Think & Grow Richer – Overcome Procrastination to Succeed (click to listen to the segment)

Guest: Kristopher Jones

The Compassionate Capitalist show with host Karen Rands, continues sharing the tenants of Napoleon Hill’s Think & Grow Richer with the topic of Procrastination…how it is a success killer and strategies to overcome it. Our special guest is Kristopher B Jones. Clearly a man who has conquered procrastination on his journey to success. Kris is the former President and CEO of Pepperjam, a full-service internet marketing agency and affiliate network he founded in 1999 and sold to eBay Enterprise (NASDAQ – EBAY). Since leaving Pepperjam 2010, Kris founded an early stage technology investment fund called KBJ Capital, which includes portfolio companies Highlighter.com, French Girls App, Yumm.com, and Internet Media Labs to name a few. He is a best-selling author and sought-after speaker. To learn more about Kris, visit http://krisjones.com and follow him on twitter @krisjonescom.

Over 70 yrs ago, Napoleon Hill described procrastination as the hidden killer standing in the shadow of every human being waiting to spoil one’s chances of success. Failures come from the attitude and behavior of waiting for the “time to be right” or as we have discussed the underlying causes of lack of belief in the ability to reach a goal, and burning desire to overcome a fear of failure. Kris will share his insights and experiences in overcoming procrastination to achieve his admirable success early on, and which he continues to build upon.

As in the prior segments, Karen and Kris explore the foundation of success as set forth by Napolean Hill over 70 years ago.  Desire, Faith, Belief, Planning, and Persistence are all elements that lead toward successfully achieving one’s hopes and dreams for their future.  Procrastination is the tricky little devil that can slip in when you least expect it and slowly derail that journey is one isn’t mindful of the habits that lead to procrastinating and the ever diligent in developing the habits to overcome it.


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