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About Karen Rands

Karen Rands is an Opportunist. She left her corporate job at IBM in January of 2001 as the “Deal Maker” to work with a client in his go to market and final capital raise. She wanted to “get in the Parade” and not watch it go by. She jokes that little did she know she was in the venture capital parade that was walking into the wall at the end of the dead end alley-way, like out of the Animal House movie or the Kinks song:Kinks \”Dead End Street\” from You Tube

Boy has a lot changed!!  In 2004 Karen Rands formed the LAUNCH Funding Network (www.launchfn.com) to help entrepreneurs get access to the early stage capital and strategic resources they need to launch and successfully grow their businesses.  In 2005 she acquired the Network of Business Angels & Investors (www.nbai.net) to grow the angel investor community in the Southeast and connect angel groups from all over the United States.  With the combination of these two highly successful endeavors, over 25 companies have received capital totaling over $30 Million.   So now we Celebrate Companies connecting with Capital and Capital Connecting with Companies:

Kool & the Gang Celebration http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m_Yyao8obPc

Karen Rands has become the Guru for entrepreneurs and angel investors.  As the Venture Catalyst for this early stage market she shares these insights on her radio show www.blogtalkradio.com/karen-rands appropriately called the Compassionate Capitalist Radio Hour.   A compassionate capitalist is someone who invests time, money and resource into early stage entrepreneurs to bring innovation to the market, create jobs, and create wealth for the founders and investors.   Her team has created a phenomenal Access to Capital System and is sought after to provide her unique insight and sage expertise to help companies figure out what they need to do to attract capital.

Sign up to free consultation and the Compassionate Capitalist Coffee Break series

Learn about the Entrepreneur Capital Mastery Program–gain the skills to be a champion, overcome your fears and get all the money you need to grow your business!

LAUNCHfn, through the parent company Kugarand Capital Holdings, is focused on companies that qualify to raise capital within the new SEC authorized framework for General Solicitation to potential investors through an well orchestrated investor relations campaign.  This is applicable to companies raising capital under REG D 506c, REG A+, or Intrastate Crowd Funding.  Sign up for the free consultation link above to find out if you qualify.

Connect with Karen at these places:

Twitter @karen_rands
Facebook: Run with the BIG Dogs for entrepreneurs
Facebook: The National Network of Angel Investors  for investors

Look for news about the upcoming release of the long awaited update to The Inside Secrets to Angel Investing, by Karen Rands


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