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Challenge to CEOs – Think, Master, Build, Thrive

What does it really mean to be the Chief Executive Officer?  Entrepreneurs love to have that title, but often don’t stop to think what it really means.  When they are raising capital, they can get very upset about the idea of an investor or VC wanting to replace the Founder with a CEO.  Successful business men and women with the where-with-all to invest and fund companies that are just starting out and in the very early stages of their life cycle understand the difference between the title and the job, and therefore the characteristics of a person with that title with that job to do so that the goals for growth and profitability are achievable.

Our goal with this page is to provide insight and access to the tools you need to be the person who can fill the shoes of a CEO of a growing, thriving business and claim the title.  Whether you are trying to climb the corporate ladder, be an “Exec with a Check” worthy of taking over someone else’s company, or the Founder that wants to maintain management control of your company, this page is for you.

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